Wall O’ Vanity
September 1, 2007, 9:15 pm
Filed under: DIY, projects

Inspired by the lime green pegboard at Design*Sponge, and also a similar craft station in ReadyMade, I saw an opportunity to finally get all my jewelry where I could see it.

Sawdust all over the floor. It’s in such bad shape anyway, who cares?

Assembly on the rug. Ingredients: one 24″x48″ piece of silver pegboard (Did you know it came in silver? No? I didn’t either! Totally saved me having to paint it!), four lengths of 1″x1″ cut to size, lots and lots of little silver nails left over from IKEA furniture, and one package of assorted pegboard hooks. Cost:$23, most of which was in the 1x1s. Raiding someone else’s workshop for the wood is vastly preferable, if you can.

All done in an hour or two. The hardest part was getting up the guts to drill into the wall. They’re some kind of soft, gypsum-consistency plaster that won’t take a drywall anchor. As such, I recently had some curtains rip out of the wall and fall on top of the cat. Now I’m leery. So is the cat.

A screwdriver rack holds dangly earrings, large hooks hold bracelets, small hooks hold watches and hoop earrings.

A wire basket organizes makeup, and a trapezoid shaped hook meant to hold a pair of pliers is just the thing to nestle my soapstone pot of lip balm in.

The sad thing about the project is that this is not why I went into Home Depot today. Yet five hours later, here it is.

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Where did you get the grey pegboard? Was that from Home despot?

Comment by Sharon

hi sharon,

yes, i got the pegboard at home depot. it’s surprisingly affordable!

Comment by architheque

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