Happy Day Off
September 3, 2007, 11:24 am
Filed under: home

The best thing about a long weekend is Getting Stuff Done. Amidst projects and cooking and a quick trip to Napa Valley, there was the ceremonial Changing Of The Sheets, which is supposed to happen once a week but doesn’t always. This gorgeous silver and fuchsia set came back from India in my luggage, but was waiting for the perfect weekend to debut. The bliss of not having to go to work today seemed a ripe reason to tear open the packaging and luxuriate in the super-saturated color of it all.

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I’m off to bed, and this will be my inspiration to take 3 books, 2 notebooks, 1 planner, 1 magazine, n scattered pencils and a full box of pens/pencils from around my pillow. You know how the layout goes… the head takes up so little space in the upper part of one’s bed…

Comment by naranca

i’m slowly working towards the ideal of having only a bed and a side table in the bedroom (someday in the far future when i have a separate dressing room, i suppose). i like the idea of it being a sanctuary just for sleeping, and all worldly things are left outside the door. then the bedroom can be quite small, and still be comfortable. ah, ideals.

Comment by architheque

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