Dr. Hauschka Trial Care Kits
September 20, 2007, 12:20 am
Filed under: green, health/beauty

I am completely susceptible to a good sales pitch. As Sprig gave such a good one here, all I can say in response is, “Ooooohhh, I want one of those!” Read up on Dr. Hauschka, my friends, and you’ll want one too. Good clean ingredients, a holistic view towards the health of your biggest (and most visible) organ, and the donation of partial profits to a good cause. Who wouldn’t be a little seduced by that?

When you have “problem” skin, though, you’ll buy into the idea of just about anything that could restore a little hope. The biggest thing for me is to stay aware of my own susceptibility to the perfect fix. Chasing clear skin by buying bottles and bottles of goo (you have to buy the whole system for it to all work in harmony, right?) just leads to bathroom cabinets full of Things That Didn’t Work.

But for $21, I’d still give Dr. Hauschka a try. And it’s very likely available as nearby as your local Whole Foods.

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[…] I couldn’t think of why not.  Glad that I did, because now I can report that they had the Dr. Hauschka Trial Care Kits recommend earlier on sale for $17.  Good stuff! No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed […]

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