San Pedro Square Farmer’s Market
September 21, 2007, 9:00 pm
Filed under: green, in the kitchen, photography

I just wanted to share this picture from the farmer’s market downtown today. I went with my camera in tow to get some shots for AT-Kitchen’s farmer market roundup. Going with your photographer’s cap on is much different than going with your Mmmm-I-Love-Fruit cap on. I didn’t get too many “fabulous” photos, but I do like this one.

For the record, they’re organic raspberries, for $2 a container, or 3 containers for $5.

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Wow! I want to create a whole room around this palette!!

Comment by Sylvie

You take great pictures. I like this one alot. By the way what type of Camera did you use for this one?

Comment by Aleli

Hi Aleli…I used a digital Canon Rebel EOS. I stopped using it when I got a Powershot, but the Powershot is broken, so now I’m back to the Rebel!

Comment by architheque

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