Indulgent Friday Breakfast
September 28, 2007, 4:39 pm
Filed under: in the kitchen

Two separate recipes I’ve come into possession of recently, combined into the most perfect breakfast ever for a dreary overcast Friday at the office.

I’m having mine with a cup of pomegranate green tea, but I think it’d be most appropriate with a proper cup of English breakfast tea. Perhaps we could declare this edict: if the weather be English, so should be your tea!

The first item you need for this luxurious little breakfast is jam. It’s hard to find a jam recipe that doesn’t feed the neighborhood, which is why I was so pleased when Faith at Apartment Therapy Kitchen posted a plum jam recipe meant to serve just you over the course of a week. Plum and Earl Grey Preserves requires only things you can easily get at your local market and is really difficult to mess up. I ended up with luscious fruit preserves my very first go round; this recipe gets four stars from me.

Second, you need something to eat your jam on. Here I suggest PBS’s Shortbread Wedges. It’s really hard to beat a recipe that only has three ingredients. This recipe came to me courtesy of Jamie, who I went on a lovely hike with last weekend. Picture us there: ten relative strangers, having just scaled a steep hill, gasping for air because we talk too much, and here Jamie whips out this container of scrumptious shortbread to share with us all. Talk about elevating the moment! She obligingly sent me the recipe via email that evening, and I’ve been salivating at the idea of making shortbread ever since.

Last night, it all came together. This morning, I have exactly the right breakfast to get me through the last eight hours of the work week.

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