Gifted with Salad
October 1, 2007, 9:26 pm
Filed under: in the kitchen

One of the best reasons to be on the clean-up crew of a huge potluck party is the leftovers you get to bring home. I stayed late to help out at a Saturday night party and was rewarded for my altruism with enough food to bypass grocery shopping entirely this week.

As this is Northern California, people had brought enough plastic tubs of organic salad greens to feed an army of the pickiest vegans. Of course, nobody actually eats that kind of stuff at a party (cupcakes are so much better, no?), so as many tubs as were brought, that’s how many there were to take home at midnight. I snagged two. And as I’m not even the tiniest bit vegan, I also allowed myself to be plied with leftover grilled chicken, a baggie of cubed jack cheese, and some garlicky bagel chips. All of which went into a most delicious salad for my lunch today. The only thing I had to supply was the sweet basil vinaigrette. I was happy to oblige.

Salads are great and all, but they’re much greater when they’re free.

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