Vintage Kitchenware Love
October 4, 2007, 6:12 pm
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One of the things I’ve taken to doing lately, as a total rationalization of my Craigslist habit, is doing my shopping on Craigslist or Ebay before I hit up a regular store. It’s nice to think of it in terms of reuse and recycle, rather than as a pervasive online shopping addiction. I’ve had some comically bad results…say, copper skillets that were 1/4 the size they appeared in the picture, but I’ve also had some really nice finds. Finds that saved me from spending the afternoon in Target and walking out with far more than I meant to get in the first place.

I also appreciate being able to own nicer things for less money. On Craigslist, there’s real wood furniture that I can actually afford, and on Ebay I can spring for well made vintage designs that would cost twice as much at a brick and mortar boutique. It also helps that several of the websites I frequent post Ebay and Craigslist roundups of cool things currently available. It’s great to have a lot of the legwork done for you. Even if I don’t care for the items they’ve summarized on a particular day, their lists often remind me of things I do want to search for.

For example, I killed my red Copco kettle last year. Like, really killed it. And I’ve been living without a kettle ever since. High time to get a new one. Why not extend the life cycle of an existing kettle by buying used online instead of buying brand new at TJMaxx? I found the perfect one. Vintage stainless steel Faberware with a teak handle. Cute as a button! So Scandinavian mod!

Dear readers, I lost it. Twice. I’m one of those annoying bidders who waits until the last five minutes of the auction to bid. The first auction, apparently no one was interested in this kettle but me. I was so psyched. But still I waited to bid. And then I got distracted. Seven minutes later I click over to Firefox and want to bang my head against the desk. The auction ended and I missed it. Thankfully it ended with no bids.

In three days the owner relists the kettle. But still I haven’t learned! Rather than take the buy-it-now price, which I think is too high, I wait to bid again. In swoops someone who thinks the buy-it-now price is just peachy. Now the kettle is permanently gone.

Oh the heartbreak. I really liked this kettle. But it served me right.

Then again, Ebay is pretty much a land of opportunity. And wouldn’t you know it, as rare as this particular kettle profile seems to be, another one shows up. Hallelujah! The metal’s not quite as shiny, and the handle needs some linseed oil, but WHO CARES? And it’s cheaper than the first kettle!

I made no mistakes this time, I assure you. Mine all mine, thank you very much.

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That’s the only way to bid, on ebay, but I totally relate to the bangonthehead NOOOO-I-MISSED-IT-FECK-feeling!

ANnnnNNNd, I absolutely love oiling wood and making it look nice, so if anything, I’d almost say your find was better. In some weirdo kind of way, heh. Patina, really, patina!!

Comment by woodley park-zoo

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