Yves Klein Blue
October 13, 2007, 12:54 am
Filed under: home

Seeing all the beautifully colored abodes over at AT’s Fall Colors Contest makes me nostalgic for the first apartment I had in Tucson. This blue was perhaps the most thrilling thing I’d painted in my life, and paired with a bright brick red oriental rug and a cream slipcovered loveseat, I would happily spend hours nestled in my tiny living room. Color had never made me so happy as it did when the second coat of that paint dried.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good photographic record of that apartment. The only zoomed out photo I have exhibits a friend who may prefer to remain anonymous. Definitely not a pic I could submit to any other website! But still, it helps me remember how much I loved the space. I have thrice as much room these days, but I do not enjoy my current apartment nearly as much (maybe because the idea of painting that many SF makes me groan?).

The bedroom was a glorious red. I can’t at the moment find a single picture of it.

But while looking, I found this picture, from when I lived in Oak Island:

Believe it or not, the room was already that color when I moved in. It was a very old paint job; the color was faded from the sun and appeared to have an almost dusty surface. I loved the offhanded inconsequence of it. One of the pleasures of living in a beach house!

And here, the creamy yellow living room of the beach house, which felt warm even when it was cold out. If these snapshots are anything to go by, I’ve never been afraid of color. It’s surprising, then, how blah most of my apartment is right now. Maybe I need to paint some more after all.

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