DrawMo 2007
October 16, 2007, 11:29 pm
Filed under: design

Sometimes you need mass amounts of accountability in order to find the discipline to do something you actually wanted to do anyway.

…Did that make any sense?

Like all the people who committed to The Fall Cure, implicitly trusting that their involvement in a larger community would keep them focused and on task, I am going to join DrawMo to force myself to, well, draw more. I used to love to draw. Somewhere in the college years, I was increasingly exposed to the idea that, you know, maybe I’m not too good at it compared to the art majors who lived in the basement of Lee Hall. Or even the other architecture students in my class. So I stopped.

But acknowledging that I’d rather read a paperback novel than Tolstoy doesn’t stop me from reading and loving it, so why should my mediocre drawing skills keep me from loving the thrill of putting pencil to paper?

So tonight I’m going to make myself a drawing kit out of my leftover architecture supplies, find a darling container to keep it in, and start counting down the days to November 1st with the glee of a kid awaiting their birthday. (The more anticipation approaching the event, the longer I’ll be able to stick to it, right?)

Join DrawMo yourself at the blog or the Flickr group.

(image by Richard Rogers)

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WHEE!! If this one here is your drawing – every day you don’t make one is WASTED. It’s gorgeous!!!!!

Comment by hajrarara

no way. that’s richard rogers! i saved it because that’s how i want my own conceptual sketches to look someday…

Comment by architheque

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