Well Hello There, Gorgeous
November 8, 2007, 6:39 am
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Marianne makes ‘bangs. No, not the blonde kind, although she has those too. Interrobangs! Marianne and I bonded over Yugoslavian benches and shared Craigslist addictions. Now she’s letting me have my very own ‘bang in my favoritest color of blue. It came today in the mail. Shoulda seen me tear into that envelope, baby.

The history of

“Invented in 1962 by ad man Martin K. Specktor, the interrobang combines the functions of the exclamation mark (known as a “bang” by printers) and the question mark (also known as an interrogative point).

Popular throughout the 1960s, the interrobang was included as a character in the Americana typeface, in some dictionaries, and as a key on some Remington typewriters. The interrobang was also featured in newspaper and magazine articles. However, the interrobang never truly caught on, and is now a little-known, nonstandard punctuation mark. ”

Here’s my new ‘bang, hanging out on the mantel, makin’ friends with my Spain posters.

You can get one too, in any color your little heart desires. Like, say, practically edible raspberry fuschia?

Check out her Esty shop right here. ‘Bangs come smartly sandwiched in a protective cardboard sleeve and are shipped with care. (Sadly, wicked vintage Corona not for sale.)

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Oh, I just want a print of that bottom photo!

Comment by India Amos

The ‘bang looks wonderful in your house. So glad you’re enjoying it!

Comment by Marianne

Thanks for commenting on our blog Janet. I agree with your assessment of BTW, I like your site, and look forward to perusing it some more when I have extra time.

Comment by Lisa

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