Roast Chicken
November 11, 2007, 10:23 pm
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When you can buy a rotisserie chicken in the grocery store for about as much as you pay for one raw, roasting a chicken at home will probably become one of those quaint things done only by People With Not Enough To Do. I hope when that time comes, I’m one of those people.

I got my very first cooking thermometer recently, as a way to use up a Target online gift card. First thing to do? Roast a chicken, obviously. Makes the house feel (smell!) homey in twenty minutes sharp. Better than spice-scented candles any day…’cause you get to eat it when it’s done.

My favorite herbs for this task are rosemary and lemongrass. What’s yours?

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I think I’ve roasted maybe two chickens in my whole life. It not something my mother did very often—though she’s a talented and avid cook in general—so it’s not a preparation that comes readily to my mind. So on the rare occasions when I get chicken, it’s nearly always in parts.

But if I did roast a chicken, I’d probably go with sage or thyme, and maybe stick a lemon inside.

Mmmm. Now I’m totally hungry.

Comment by India Amos

I must admit i’m not very traditional with my poultry. I like to take a few cardamom pods, whatever masala I have on hand, and some pepper and roast it in a pan. Add a little water and marjoram and use it to baste.

Comment by livecooklove

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