Peppermint Marshmallows
December 18, 2007, 6:00 am
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I must give a shout out to this recipe. I’ve never made anything so ambitious as marshmallows before, but once the concept was introduced, thanks to the Brownie Points blog, I could not get the idea of it out of my head. I had every good intention of making scores of marshmallow spoons to give out to family as gifts, but the stringent requirements I put on the task (say, finding spoons at vintage shops cool enough that people would actually resuse them) prevented me from reaching completion. As it was, I barely managed to squeak these more traditional marshmallows into the getting-ready-to-leave-for-holiday schedule.

Since it’s not my recipe, I’m just going to post a show-and-tell. Fun!


Pre finshed product, marshmallow is quite possibly the ickiest thing ever. A slab of the stuff resembles nothing so much as it does blubber. And some of my red food coloring fell to the bottom of the pan, creating weird bloody spots. I’m totally going to remember this recipe come next Halloween.


Cutting was surprisingly hard work. You’d think nothing would be easier than pushing a pizza cutter through pillows of marshmallow. You’d be wrong.


The finished ‘mallows are terribly cute, aren’t they? I’m not fond of eating marshmallows straight, but these are so tasty I wouldn’t mind. I can’t wait to have a huge mug o’ hot chocolate and plop a few of these babies in. I’m also anticipating dredging them in chocolate for little gifties.


For the spoons, I learned, it’s best to let the bowl leftovers sit for a while before scooping out. I scooped too soon, the ‘mallow was still a little runny, and now my spoons aren’t pretty. I’ll keep these for myself.  Like I needed a reason.


All wrapped up and headed to my coworker’s house. He’s watching my cat again. He gets ‘mallows.

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glad you had fun with it! I’ve been finding that I don’t have one favorite way to cut these. Sometimes its a chefs knife, sometimes scissors.


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