Getting Your Accessories Out of the Closet
January 10, 2008, 8:25 pm
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When you are a kid, your grandmother’s square, silken scarves are a staple of make-believe play.  As a grown-up, unless you have swan neck that looks fab with a square scarf artfully tied ’round it, these fellows tend to fall to the bottom of your drawer.  I have tons of long woolly scarves that I use daily, rapturously, in the winter.  Rayon, polyester, acrylic, and silk squares?  Not so much.  They’re not warm enough for winter, and in the summer I don’t want anything at all around my neck.  Nor am I cool enough to pull off this look.

But I love my little orange and yellow ballerina scarf.  It pains me to only see it twice a year when I plumb the depths of my box o’ ball caps (one accessory I do not want to rescue at all).  I also have beautiful red scarves I bought in Barcelona, when I got a short spiked “European” hair cut and tried to pretend I did have a neck worthy of the artful scarf.  What to do with them?

My daily ritual of tying back the thermal curtains on the south side of my apartment gave me the answer.  The silver ribbon I’d been using was leaving crinkled wrinkles in my drapes.  A soft fabric tie would be preferable.  And what kind of decorative soft fabric did I have in the house…?

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