Basil Beer Bread
January 15, 2008, 6:44 am
Filed under: in the kitchen


Have you tried this recipe? ‘Cause really, it doesn’t get better than this. This is a Real Simple recipe, which I got through the Urban Drivel blog. At the time I bookmarked it, I didn’t have an electric stand mixer or a dough hook. But for Christmas, guess what I got?


It wasn’t exactly a Christmas gift, per se. More like a very lucky hand-me-down. Someone gave this gently used mixer to my aunt and she didn’t have room for it. So for the fifty bucks it cost to ship it across the country to myself, it became mine. I was sooooooo psyched. Because I sooooooo had been thinking about this bread for two months.  Monday night, I finally made it.  And I laughed.  Laughed at how very easy it was.  I could make bread every day if it’s going to be this easy.  It’s amazing.  Between the ease of just throwing everything in the mixer, and the bliss of the recipe not requiring any hand kneading, I was left standing in the middle of my kitchen, confused, happy, excited, and dumbstruck, all at the same time.


Make me…


Make me…


Eat me… !

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