Purple Potato Salad
January 18, 2008, 6:43 pm
Filed under: in the kitchen


In keeping with my latest attempts to teach myself to like mayo-based salads, may I present purple potato salad!

Purple Potato Salad

7                 Trader Joe’s blue, red, and white mixed small potatoes
2 tbsp        Trader Joe’s organic  mayonnaise
1/2 tbsp    Napa Valley Honey Truffle mustard
1 tbsp        Capers, rinsed
fresh ground salt and pepper

Scrub (do not peel), rinse, cube, and boil potatoes until tender.  It won’t take very long.  If you can bear really soft potatoes in your salad, boil them until almost mashable.  The softer your potatoes, the less mayo you have to use to hold them together.  Drain and cool.  Mix in remaining ingredients.  Salt and pepper to taste.


I made this to balance out the vinegar of my latest batch of pork bbq.  It was actually quite good.  I’m starting to think it’s the celery (and in the case of potato salad, pickle relish) that’s been holding me back all this time.

Also note: Very small dinner plate.  Good for making you feel like your portions are huge.  Good for tricking you into eating less.  Good strategy when you’re mainlining pork bbq and potato salad.

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