Colorful Compote Cake Plate
January 21, 2008, 2:35 am
Filed under: found goods, shopping

I’m feeling cranky about eBay/Paypal lately due to just finding out that Paypal now gets a cut of everything I sell (old news, but do I ever read the endless stream of “newsletter” emails? Obviously not.) As I tend to use eBay as an extended yard sale, rather than a business model, I’m not happy about being forced to “upgrade” to a business Paypal account. Until I get over this tantrum stage, I’m reduced to just buying.

In my window-shopping for a cake stand, I saw this and thought it was cutely retro enough to pass along. And hey, everyone’s telling me yellow is this year’s color.


I’d hoard it ’til April and break it out for the first spring cake. A lemon pound cake, perhaps?

And a friend below the cut.


This one I did run an “Auto Color” and “Auto Contrast” on in Photoshop.

I’ve also taken a shine to this one, this one, this one, and (if only it weren’t in GB), this one I adooooore. Most of those, though, are at prices that inspire me to make a Goodwill pilgrimage this weekend.

Also, anyone want to explain the concept of Vaseline glass to me?

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lerv it!
I am thinking I am needing one of those sometime soon! I am not a baker- but trying to learn…and hell, it’s just so much sweeter with a cake stand.

Comment by amy

for six dollars, how can you go wrong? :) use it as inspiration! once you get it, obviously you have to make a cake for it…

Comment by architheque

i am making some baking from Apples for Jam this weekend- and I have sent my very flea market mother on the hunt :)

Comment by amy

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