January 24, 2008, 1:24 am
Filed under: life in general

Apparently, it’s not my month for following the rules. I just got dinged on Freecycle for making a request for used glass jars that people might have headed for the recycling bin. Turns out you can only ask for one thing on your first wanted post (woe, I asked for multiple jars), and they would have rejected me anyway because I haven’t offered anything (I only joined at the begining of the month).

My ba humbug for the day. Thing is, now I feel less inclined to give something away there. Like maybe I’ll give it away on Craigslist instead. Spiteful, I know. Shame on me.

Might just be one of those months for me. Hopefully Feburary will be better. I’m trying to do some housekeeping in my life at the moment, getting some serious tasks done that are long overdue. Finances, taxes, living conditions, professional situation, website, and portfolio all are coming before the firing squad for a little mix-up. I probably won’t post as much, even though I have lots of ideas for posts (one currently saved draft is titled “The Dresser From Hell”…it’s exciting!). Rest assured I’m still reading all of your (ya’lls?) blogs though. Brightens the day.

image by _felix

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