Happiness Is…
February 5, 2008, 12:29 pm
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A bright yellow box from Sarajevo in the mail!

Seriously, is this box not the color of a smile on a rainy day?


And it has deer on it. Deer are so totally in these days.

Happiness is also a friend whom you’ve never met, but who you know is absolutely positively a real friend. Sometimes (have you noticed?) internet friends can become more dear than people you meet every day. This dear friend is Hajra. She is my alter-ego in Bosnia, although that’s not fair to say since she’s much more talented than I am at just about everything in the world. She’s an über good illustrator and cartoonist by night and an architecture competition genius by day (and night and day and night <- joke for former architecture students, ha!).

Happiness is a good friend who will buy you something you love (that only can be had in Spain) when they’re passing through Barcelona themselves.  And happiness is getting a care package with a fresh new notebook, warm socks, and said Spanish object of adoration.

Thus concludes my happy dance for the day.   Hip hip hooray!  Go, Hajra!

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hihihi I don’t check out architeque nearly enough these days!
1.You’re welcome; 2.You speak too highly of me, but to the extent that I also see you as a more talented cross-global twin, the twin theory also stands XD; 3. I’m so so so glad you enjoyed the package, even if years late!!; 4. observation: happiness is doubled by internets!

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