Time by Tay MacIntyre
February 7, 2008, 12:38 pm
Filed under: shopping


I want one of these sooooo bad, I’m absolutely paralyzed by the decision of which one to get.  (I realize by spreading the news about these necklaces I’m dramatically reducing the chances that when I go back to get one of them it will actually still be there, but!)   I love the curlicue of the brass one.  I love the lacy look of the upper silver ones.  I love the dramatic abstraction of the lower silver one.

Each is a vintage clock hand, sanded to show the metal and painted black on the opposite side.  Available at Bread + Butter on Etsy for very reasonable prices.  I’m torn.  Torn, I tell you.

I also think this is beautiful.

And oh damn, they sold out while I was typing this!

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I will have many more in the coming weeks…thanks for featuring me and do keep checking back. If you love these, the ones to come will really capture your heart!

Comment by Tay of ::twirl::

they are awesome
I got a million comments on wearing an old skeleton key from old house on a ribbon round my neck recently…perhaps you can make something for now?

Comment by amy

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