Baby Bok Choy with Bacon
February 8, 2008, 12:54 pm
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Here’s a post to encourage Liza to buy some baby bok choy this weekend!

My thing with pork is this: I love it. It probably doesn’t love me back, but that rarely stops me. My thing with bacon is this: if I buy a pound of sliced bacon, I will look for reasons took cook all of it, thus eat all of it, within days. I will have breakfast for dinner every night until it’s gone (and that leads to things like biscuits and cheese grits and other delicious but oh-so-not healthy goodies).

My typical solution is to buy a package of bacon ends and pieces. First, the cuts of these pieces don’t lend themselves to gorging on crisp flaky slices, and second, I can buy a three pound vacuum pack of ends and pieces for the price of one pound of slices. When I get home from the grocery store, I divvy up the pieces into ziploc bags and throw them in the freezer. I then substitute these pieces into every recipe that calls for fatback, a ham hock, salt pork, or, you know, bacon.

One recipe I love that calls for a ham hock is lima beans. I’m going to make some this weekend. So last night I browned some bacon pieces to get ready for it. I browned them in my dutch oven without any oil, which lead to a yummy layer of browned stuff stuck to the bottom of the pan. I couldn’t bear to waste it, so I cooked some bok choy in the bacon remains, and tossed a few small pieces of bacon back into the pot to give the dish some heft. MMMMMMMM. Yes ma’am.


Baby Bok Choy with Bacon

3 heads of baby bok choy
4-5 small bits of bacon ends
2 tbsp water

Wash and destem the bok choy. In a hot dutch oven or saute pan, brown bacon without added oil. Cook until bacon first sticks, and then releases, from the bottom of the pan. Set the bacon aside. Keeping the pot on high heat, add water to deglaze the browned bits. Stir/scrape with a wooden or silicone spatula until the browned bits release. Turn the heat to medium, add the baby bok choy and reserved bacon pieces, stir well to coat everything, then cover and steam until the white ends of the bok choy are tender and translucent (stirring periodically). It probably won’t take more than five or six minutes, if that long.

You may add salt to taste, depending on the initial saltiness of your bacon.


I’m quite convinced this would be good with any vegetable or combination thereof that you’d care to stir-fry.

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Yum!! We just whole foods and I swear that baby bok choy was saying “eat me!” We’re on our way up to Sonoma for the weekend (don’t you just love wireless aircards). Looks like baby bok choy will be on the menu for dinner on Sunday night. See – I’m so addicted to your blog, I’m surfing it as I fly north on 280 :)

Comment by Liza

wow, i’ve got to get me one of those wireless aircards. i can’t even get the wireless working in my apartment! :) have fun in sonoma, bet it’s going to be pretty up there this weekend!

Comment by architheque

Some sliced red chillies would probably give it an extra kick!

Comment by anonymousnoises


if i wasn’t such a baby about hot stuff, i’d agree with you! :)

Comment by architheque

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