Cascade of Benefits From Buying A Kitchen Scale
February 12, 2008, 6:29 pm
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I purchased a kitchen scale last fall. Now that I have it, I wonder how I lived without it. In addition to now being able to make recipes from the rest of the world and be confident in my grams, there are some serious benefits that can be filed under the realm of economics, environmentalism, aesthetics, and the pure pleasure of simplification. The domino effect goes something like this:

1) The biggest benefit, as I see it, is my ability to now buy almost everything in bulk and measure it back out as I need it. In my attempts to simplify my life and improve my diet, I’m trying not to buy space hogging (and sodium laden) cans of beans if I can buy them dry. That two pounds of dried black beans are only $1.39, as opposed to a single 14 oz can being about the same, is just icing on the cake. Now that I have a kitchen scale, I can measure out sixteen ounces of beans from my bulk stash and know that I just saved money and several cubic inches in the recycling bin.


2) Bulk storage is a heck of a lot more beautiful than stacks of cans and packages with garish labels on them. I picked up three white ceramic containers with wood and cork lids from a local Goodwill to hold some of my bulk food items. They’ve got clean, minimal lines and reduce the appearance of clutter in my open cabinets. So not only am I reducing my intake/output of garbage, I’m contributing to the serenity of my kitchen – and thus my eyes and brain when I’m in there.

3) Dried goods, because of their increased time of preparation, require me to think ahead about what I’m going to be eating in the coming week. Thinking ahead about what I’m going to be eating gives me time to make good choices for myself. It also makes me focus on meal planning, thus resulting in efficiency with my grocery money.

4) That thinking ahead often also results in my wanting to play with new recipes. The more adventurous new recipes are made easier with the aid of a kitchen scale.

I bring less packaging into my house, less packaging leaves my house as waste, I save money, I eat healthier, and the visual and physical clutter in my kitchen is reduced. All from the purchase of a basic tool. It’s win-win all around.

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This scales sounds great. I think I’m gonna have to find one. Thanks!

Comment by maureen o'connor

I have a digital kitchen scale, and I have to say that I absolutely love it. I lived in Portugal for 2 years and you are right! Most of the world uses weights not volume measurements. I think your idea of weighing out from bulk is excellent! I have never really thought of doing that with my own scale. Thanks

Comment by Food Scale

Food scales are critical!

When you keep a diet notebook with a food scale you are much more likely to succeed.

You also must know the exact amount of calories you are eating. A few hundred calories a day can make a huge difference in the long run. You may actually be eating less calories than you think (this is very bad, you could be starving you muscles!)

Show that you are serious about weight loss by getting a food scale.

Comment by Jett Brenner

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