Ways Of Caring For The Soul
February 12, 2008, 6:10 pm
Filed under: living mindfully


I’m starting a new category of tips (that I either live by or aspire to live by) that contribute to living mindfully. Living mindfully could encompass many things, but the following quote covers about 95% of it for me.

Tending the things around us and becoming sensitive to the importance of home, daily schedule, and maybe even the clothes we wear, are ways of caring for the soul. When Marsilio Ficino wrote his self-help book, The Book of Life, five hundred years ago, he placed emphasis on carefully choosing colors, spices, oils, places to walk, countries to visit – all very concrete decisions of everyday life that day by day either support or disturb the soul.

[The goal of caring for the soul] is not to make life problem-free, but to give ordinary life the depth and value that come with soulfulness.”

– Thomas Moore, The Care of the Soul

The 5% that the quote doesn’t touch on, but that I feel is also vitally important, is the environmental aspect.  By choosing to do things purposefully and carefully with an eye towards waste, resources, and sustainable actions, I’m being mindful of both the earth and my soul.  That’s important!

I’d love to know what conscious decisions you make to live mindfully within your own daily routine.

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