Craigslist Vintage Caned Chairs and Vanity
February 21, 2008, 4:43 pm
Filed under: found goods

These chairs are an awesome steal: four of them for $50. At that price, I’m incredibly tempted to get them myself. A quick coat of a bright colored paint (I’m thinking Chinese red, spring green, or yellow) and you’ve got yourself an charming quirky dining set.


This vanity, believe it or not, is $10. I wonder just how much work it needs?  It too would be awesome in a colored lacquer.

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This guy was a little sneaky! On his subject line, he listed it as $10, but when you inquire about it, he says it’s $300 OBO! Drats!

Comment by Liza G

wow, that’s totally lame! can you flag someone’s ad if they do that?

Comment by architheque

that’s misleading and malicious! you ought to be able to flag him, or just otherwise call him out and make him cut the crap!

Comment by lucy

I did flag, but they don’t give you a place to let them know why you are flagging. I asked the guy why he put $10 if it was $300 – he said it was a typo. I suggested he fix it, he said he couldn’t. I suggested reposting! :)

Comment by Liza G

i flagged it too. a bunch of folks have to flag it before it disappears. (also: he was BSing about not being able to edit it.)

Comment by architheque

i so want to flag him, just for the hell of it

Comment by lucy

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