Product Love: KERAfour Stoneware
March 10, 2008, 7:53 pm
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I don’t remember exactly when I bought my first KERAfour dish. I know it was from TJMaxx. Every KERAfour dish I buy is from TJMaxx. But that first one? I can’t remember it. Maybe because they’re so perfect they feel like they’ve always been a part of my kitchen.


These dishes are my absolute favorite for baking casseroles (spinach dip especially), serving at dinner parties, and taking potluck entrees to other people’s homes. Their simple lines mean they blend on the table, yet there’s enough “just so” about them to come off as quietly elegant should you give them a second glance. They dress up and they dress down. They’re everyday dishes that look at home at a formal place setting. No prints, no paints, no swirls or frills means nothing competes with the food I put in them. Yet they’re worth looking at even when empty. I leave them sitting around, and gladly.


This is the only identifying information you will find on a KERAfour dish. It peels off easily, then the dish is entirely unmarked. I kinda like it that way. If you appreciate MUJI, you’ll know what I mean.

If you Google KERAfour you don’t turn up much. Mostly a lot of German. I don’t speak German, so I don’t have a good back story for you about how this minimalist stoneware came to be. Google Vista Alegre and you get a pretty spiffy website, but no mention of KERAfour.


I could pretty much take pictures of these three dishes all day long. I still obsess over the tiny individual sized KERAfour bowls I saw once that I did not buy because I thought I had enough already. That was three years ago.


While taking these photos I fell in love with my dining room table all over again.


The bottoms are unglazed. It’s like a truth window in a straw bale building. Here’s what I am made of.


Don’t tell anyone, but the large serving bowls usually go for three to four dollars a piece.



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not going to lie, i had 2 goals for my time in nyc this weekend: hang with the boy, and pick up items from muji.

also, i love how you love your “stuff,” and your sharing it. less is more, if you really enjoy using what you have.

i promise i won’t snipe sj-area txmaxx stores!

Comment by lucy

less *is* more…if only i didn’t have a more is more habit when it comes to filling up my apartments with stuff!

Comment by architheque

Thank you so much for this wonderful information. I purchased two relatively large KERAfour baking dishes for $4.00 each at Marshalls, had them for sometime now and was reluctant to use them, I suppose I did not trust the quality, after all just $4.00 and only the removable sticker you refer to, which made me even more suspicious. I decided to look up vista alerge, only these delicate looking china pieces, so I try KERAfour and found you, it’s sort of like a miracle, everything you say is exactly what I needed to hear/know. I agree with you they are beautiful pieces, thanks to you I now value my find, so to the kitchen to see how well they perform, thanks again a million for this site.

Comment by Frances Greaves

The best thing of the dishes is that they are simple without paint. I think simple is the best.

Comment by Stoneware Mugs

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