Color Theory
March 18, 2008, 3:39 pm
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So I was at the laundromat this weekend, taking the very good advice of another patron to hang up my shirts right out of the dryer, even if it did mean awkwardness in the car. I’m humming and hanging and squinting under the fluorescents, when I notice the above.

Does all my clothing being blue, green, or black mean that I’m a smart lady who knows what she looks good in, that I’m too obsessed with my favorite color, or that I’m in a serious style rut? If I’m allowed to vote in my own election, I pick the first one! I take all kinds of colors into the fitting room. The blues, greens, and blacks are all that ever come back out. Can’t help it; I look fine in a good blue.

It’s definitely an inclination that spreads to my accessories. I used to buy a lot of red purses (I still do buy red shoes). But for the last couple of years it’s all blue, blue, blue…


Exhibit A (A year or two old, but oh-so-my-favorite).


Exhibit B (A new acquisition. Hoorah summer!).

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how about (d) you know how to maximize your wardrobe. that is, you pick up new pieces that expand your options and create limitless new combinations with your existing wardrobe, rather than creating just one or two new possibilities.

also, if it ain’t broke … for more examples of the longevity of the perfect, signature blue hue, see tiffany & co., duke university, university of north carolina, yves klein

(and you’re nowhere near this level of monotony!)

Comment by lucy

haha, I feel ya. I consciously diversify my closet, but in the end I love the blues, greens and blacks the most, and will always gravitate toward them when shopping.

Where did you get the second bag? It is goooooooorgeous.

Comment by marianne

tjmaxx. (where else?!)

Comment by architheque

Aaack! I hate you! It’s beautiful!

(My new fave handbag – a soft leather yellow tote – is from Marshalls. Represent!)

Comment by marianne

yeah, i’d say it’s the best $16 i’ve spent there lately, but that would discount the alfi carafes i just posted – and they’re pretty sweet. much love to the homegoods franchise! according to this blog, the emilie m. line of purses is sold only in homegoods stores, rather than being overstocks from department stores. that’s kind of interesting.

Comment by architheque

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