Upgrade: Teflon to Copper
March 24, 2008, 11:44 am
Filed under: shopping


I went into a store Saturday morning looking somewhat frantically for a discounted roasting pan and rack for Sunday’s ham. I found one, a decent KitchenAid model in a mirrored finish that will be hell to keep clean. But I also found one of my holy grails: a copper skillet that was not 7″ diameter nor two hundred dollars. Maybe it’s not chef quality, but for forty dollars I will take it. Now I can finally dump this awful Teflon pan.


A cheap, old pan, probably from Walmart or Target, though it did have a satisfyingly heavy bottom. I cringe to think how much of the coating I have probably consumed. It was way over due for pitching. I’d stopped cooking in it almost entirely after reading all the articles about coated pots, but I was prevented from replacing it immediately by the difficulty of finding a stainless steel or copper pan I could afford (that wasn’t so badly made I’d have to replace it in a year).


This is my first entirely oven-safe skillet. I’m so pleased plastic handles have been phased out of my kitchen.


Right where it belongs. I will tarnish that bottom with utmost glee.

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