Le Creuset Wok
March 31, 2008, 7:17 pm
Filed under: found goods

I haunt Goodwills. When I’m in the neighborhood of one, I always go in if I have the time. Sometimes to browse for myself, but more often with an eye for generating extra income (a habit born before the eBay/Paypal conglomerate started jacking casual sellers with heavy fees). The problem is, sometimes I get attached to things I originally bought to flip. Like this Le Creuset wok I picked up yesterday from the Goodwill down near Liza’s house. It’s in excellent condition. I paid $12.99 for it. It looks like I can probably flip it for a very nice profit.


But of course the more I look at it, the more I want to keep it. I start wheedling with myself, “When are you ever going to be able to afford such a nice pot at this price?” Nevermind that I have a huge cast iron wok already, stashed in the upper stratosphere of my kitchen that I haven’t used since I got my nice chef’s pan. This one’s a more convenient size, right? And it’s prettier.


Then again, extra cash during tax season is pretty too. Ah, choices.

*Edit: I went ahead and put it on eBay before I could change my mind again.  Once someone bids on it, I can’t retract it, so that ought to solve that.  Hopefully.  Here’s hoping I don’t spend the next month pining for it after it’s gone!

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Love it- yr so lucky!!!

Comment by amy

ah, but i don’t get to keep it. :)

Comment by architheque

look in to those cheap woks that you get for like $5 at the asian grocery store. once upon a time i read an article on making pad thai, and the thai author swore by the cheapies. woks are made to heat up quickly and toss around the noodles, veggies, sauce, etc. — i think she said cast iron was too slow to regain the high heat from tossing in cooler ingredients.

maybe i’m wrong?

Comment by lucy

i think carbon steel woks would probably be the best (i’ve seen lots of raves lately about carbon steel cookware – it’s one of those materials that quickly looks its age and more often than not is reminiscent of village cooking, but always turns out cooking the best food ever). but oh that orange is pretty…

Comment by architheque

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