Hope, Faith, and Gardening
April 1, 2008, 5:18 pm
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Gardening is probably the very definition of “Hope springs eternal.”

Here’s hoping this tray turns out cilantro, spinach, basil, and morning glory seedlings in a few weeks.

Also, I’ve realized the planning and doing of growing my own food is quite meditative for me, in a get-sweaty-and-dirty kind of way. I have absolutely no thoughts in my head at all while working, not even what the next step should be. It’s lovely medicine.

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So how does this seedling process work? I’m curious – I want to turn out my own tomatoes this summer, and I’m wondering if its already too late to start…

Comment by eyesee

tomatoes i plan to buy as a plant, and not start them from seeds. it costs more, but it means quicker results. and no, it’s not too late to start. (you know it’s the right time to start your tomatoes when lowes has them out front in racks)

the seedlings though – to do it the easy way, you buy one of the kits i show above and just follow the included directions. add water until the peat capsules swell, poke a hole in them with your finger, drop in one or two seeds, cover them up, put the plastic cover over it, and wait until you see plants! the kit cost $6 and the seed packets were a little over a dollar each. there are way more seeds in each packet than i could reasonably plant in a container garden, so technically i have enough seeds to last several years. realistically, though, some seeds have shelf-lives. i’ll have to research that.

Comment by architheque

Ok – you have to teach me how to do this! I really want to grow rosemary! Oh and tomatoes of course!

Comment by Liza G

liza, i’ll be your project buddy for starting a container garden if you like. it’ll take about a day – morning to plan it and shop for it, afternoon to put it in place.

Comment by architheque

sounds good, thank you :)

Comment by eyesee

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