April 1, 2008, 7:21 am
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A fabulous breakfast: rose flavored lassi. I’ve never made it – this glass was courtesy of leftovers from a chaat picnic. But I think this summer I’m going to learn. Maybe if Indu sees this post, she’ll advise me whether any plain unsweetened yogurt will do or if I need to hunt down some Indian style curd at a market. Indu, what say ye?

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Any plain unsweetened yogurt works dear. I prefer to use whole milk or low fat rather than non-fat because it makes for a smoother lassi. Lassi by definition is to be smoother/creamier than ‘chhaas’ which is lighter and more like yogurt flavored water (more on that later)

If you’re having trouble hunting down rose water – or simply want a shorter route : look for a bottle of ‘Rooh Afza’ at the Indian style market. Its a blood red syrup – the good news is that it is made with cane sugar, the bad news – it is rather sweet, so you’ll have to figure out how much to use. Sometimes, I ‘thin out’ the sweetness of my lassi by adding some milk to the yogurt-syrup mixture.

The addition of milk also works well for Mango lassi (made with canned mango puree from the indian store) – makes it less tangy. I like my lassi frothy and pretty cold – adding ice to the yogurt milk mixture while blending makes it nice and cold and frothy.

Next step: ‘Shrikhand’ – really popular dessert where I come from in India. Drain plain yogurt in a coffee filter or cheesecloth to get ‘strained yogurt’ or ‘yogurt cheese’ (or use greek yogurt in a pinch)- add flavorings of choice, and enjoy :)
a recipe is here:

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And oh! Rooh afza is also good anywhere simple syrup is good. A little goes a long way. My favorite -Limeade with rooh afza and key limes :)

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i AM having hard time hunting down rose water. i’ve been looking for it to make a moisturizing spray and i have not been able to find it at all. last stop is wholefoods and an indian store, then i give up.

Comment by architheque

Middle eastern grocers should also carry rose water. I am not sure if there is a difference between rose water you can cook/eat and the kind used for skincare/perfume. Google is not being very helpful.

Comment by your wish is my command :)

Mmmm I had a drink named (by whoever gave it to me) lassi once, they told me they made it with yogurt, honey, and chopped dry fruits (visible) in it… it wasn’t rosy at all!

Comment by naranca

lassi comes in all kinds of flavors. at the picnic we also had mango and two types of plain, sweet and salty. salty is generally my favorite, tho this time it was too salty.

Comment by architheque

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