Upgrade: Plastic to Glass
April 4, 2008, 10:56 am
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The war on plastic food storage just got one more champion. I hadn’t gotten rid of these plastic containers yet because they truly were the most water-tight storage I owned (and I may still keep them for the freezer). But I wasn’t happy with them for day to day use from fridge to microwave, as I try to never put plastic in the microwave. I’ve been using Crate and Barrel lidded glass bowls, and while I love them dearly, I must be truthful that they’re not leak proof.


Then I found these. Glass on the bottom, but with the awesome snap & gasket lids that make the messy world go ’round. Take the lid off, and you have a perfectly microwavable dish. I’m thrilled.


Here’s the label you should look for. I found mine at a local Japanese market, which was fun enough to get its very own post, coming soon.

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Nice find. I’m looking forward to the post on the Japanese market. Hopefully it’s nearby!
I save certain glass containers from the grocery store when they’re empty. For instance, there’s an organic raw sauerkraut that I get that comes in a nice wide mouth jar with a screwtop plastic lid. It’s come in handy for re-use.

Comment by Sylvie

yes, i’m trying to build up a collection of matching ‘seeds of change’ brand tomato sauce jars. they’ve got these pretty matte silver lids and they’re perfect for dried beans and couscous and flax seed. only problem is i’m trying to cut down on pasta, so i don’t know what to use up all that sauce on!

Comment by architheque

Send sauce my way!

Comment by Sylvie

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