Bacon and Bok Choy Potstickers
April 17, 2008, 5:09 pm
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Now here’s a novel idea: using an ingredient for what it’s intended for! I had bacon ends in the freezer, bok choy in the fridge, and leftover potsticker wrappers. Building on the success of the previous bacon and bok choy recipe gave me these potstickers, which were so perfectly salted that no soy sauce was required. (Yay bacon?)

Chopped baby bok choy.

The raw bacon ends were ground in my food processor to get them into small bite size pieces. After cooking the bacon thoroughly, I added the bok choy and sauted/steamed until tender.

A small spoonful of filling for each wrapper.

Wet perimeter of the wrapper, fold in half, crimp one side with a fork, flip, crimp the other side, and gently shape so that the seam is on top. You’ll probably have to pinch the ends to keep them from opening.

Just like with pasta, fresh dough cooks much faster than dried or frozen. These took just a minute or two to cook to perfection.

Perfect crust. I seem to recall the last time I made frozen potstickers, it was recommended you steam them first, let the water boil out of the pan, then add a little oil and let them brown. But I did it the opposite way. Let them sit in hot oil until the bottoms crisp, then add water and steam them. Steaming them second helps loosen them from the bottom of the pot.

Oh man, they were good. I brought half of them in to work the next day to eat with my salad. I’m wishing I’d made twenty of them.

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