April 17, 2008, 3:26 pm
Filed under: home, living mindfully

Took the labels off my toothpaste and face wash.

Took the labels off my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Transfered my mouthwash to a glass carafe.

The bathroom looks tons better. I feel less bombarded with advertising while I floss. I’m forced to care less about brand and status. Everything feels more spa-like and serene. Try it.

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i *quite* like the look of your bathroom now. how lovely, especially the orchids and daffodils! i bet your showers feel like a spa with your lovely shower caddy!

i think i just like interesting containers, and will totally buy products for the packaging. i find myself asking, what brand are your shampoo and conditioner? facewash?

Comment by lucy

nature’s gate maybe? probably a discontinued bottle, as the ones online now all look different. i tend to buy whatever organic brand the local grocery outlet happens to be selling when i am there. i love the look of this bottle – looks so apocathary. i’m getting to where i won’t buy a product if the label doesn’t peel off, though. i reuse bottles in so many different ways, i want them to be ‘clean’ in their second life.

face wash was origins. wasn’t worth the money.

Comment by architheque

thanks to you, i’m now doubly eager for my b&bw aromatherapy lotion to be finished — the paper label looks like it would come off easily, leaving blue glass and a small “plants in harmony” stamp!

too bad mass-produced toiletries from target aren’t so easily cleaned of their messages. booo!

Comment by lucy

lol, i love those blue b&bw bottles. it was always dismaying to me that i didn’t like the scents that come in them. i ended up with the green bottles – eucalyptus spearmint. have one on my office desk right now!

Comment by architheque

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