Craigslist Retro Dresser
April 28, 2008, 4:35 pm
Filed under: found goods

This dresser is wants to be treated to a fun new green coat. Along with a taller sister, the pair is $50 somewhere near Portola Valley.

I’m supposed to be giving a furniture refinishing tutorial to a DIY group I belong to. If this were more local, it would have made a great demo project. Lots of straight lines, very little intricate detail, easy to sand down, but not at all boring. Too bad gas is $4 a gallon!

Someone already had a similar idea, and look what they’re charging for it – $500, without even a new paint job. You can do better!

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Hello! Haven’t heard from you in a bit. How’s you and how are the sprouts doing? :)

Comment by Reservations

been crazy busy lately. have tons of posting ideas and no time to do them ‘right.’ :-/ sprouts are getting taller! i can tell which plants are which now. :)

Comment by architheque

looking forward to more shots of them! :) You’re quite a handy person – you should see me with tools, I’m quite hopeless.

Comment by Reservations

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