San Pedro Farmer’s Market
May 9, 2008, 12:42 pm
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The farmer’s market in San Pedro Square runs 10 am to 2 pm every Friday, May through December.  It is primarily targeted towards all us poor folk stuck in our offices downtown wanting something nice to do during our lunch breaks.  I adore that it’s an urban market and a lunch oriented one – I wouldn’t like to have to drive out to the suburbs on the weekend just to experience this.

Flowers are a lovely splurge for the home and the ones I’ve bought at this farmer’s market tend to last longer than ones bought from the grocery store. I tend to go less for the showy blooms and more for the muted, interesting textured branches and filler flowers. In addition to being cheaper, they last longest.

Local delicacies: stuffed and dried olives, marinated pre-peeled garlic cloves.

A new item this year: freshly made pasta! I am determined to spring for this at least once this summer (it’s a pricey treat, $6 a pound).

My most favorite splurge, if I’m feeling flush on a Friday, is this man’s spiced almonds. Bliss!

Organic tomatoes, lookin’ mighty fine.

Organic oranges to the left and an apricot hybrid to the right for which I can’t remember the name. Aprilums or something random.

I see heavenly summer drinks in this picture.

This stand sells delicious, filling tamales. They’re some of the cheapest lunch food available at the market (for those days when you only have $10 and you want to get as many fruits and veggies as you can, but you’re also starving). They were $2 each last year, and I’m glad to see the price hasn’t yet gone up. Buy early, as he always sells out.

The Clay Oven always has a tent out, accompanied by a portable tandoor where they make fresh naan for the wraps they sell. I think that’s so cool.

Gourmet mixed butters. Too expensive to buy, but great to sample and get ideas for DIY.

The same stall, but the cheese end of it. The pesto jack samples had people sighing aloud in pleasure. Also pricey ($5+ per small block), but I could see treating yourself to a crusty loaf of bread from the adjacent stall, a fine block of cheese, and a bottle of something bubbly, and taking the rest of the day off to go have a picnic!

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Everything looks delicious and full of summery goodness. Perhaps I should shoot a few of our local markets to share. :)

Comment by Reservations

yes, do! i’m always curious what day-to-day life looks like elsewhere in the world.

Comment by architheque

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