The Summer Garden v. 2008
May 9, 2008, 10:48 am
Filed under: in the garden, living mindfully

Started my summer garden last weekend! Pulled off the mulch and landscaping paper of last year, turned over the patch with a shovel, and then smoothed it out with a rake. I’m longing for some sturdy attractive edging, but it’s not in the cards. After the bed was prepped, I laid out a soaker hose that runs the length of the plot, and then covered everything with landscaping paper – the kind that draws water down, but doesn’t let it evaporate into the air, and also blocks weeds. The soaker hose will be attached to a timer that turns on in the early mornings for half an hour or so. After I get my plants laid out, I’ll then cover the paper with mulch to provide sun relief (the paper is black) and weigh it down.

First plants that went in are heirloom tomatoes bought from Bountiful Gardens. I bought one for sandwiches (Cherokee Purple), one for sauces (Amish Paste), and one for sun-drying (Hillbilly). I’ve never grown heirloom tomatoes before and I’m excited. Here’s hoping they’re not overly susceptible to diseases I don’t know how to manage. (Resistance to disease, unfortunately, is one benefit of the highly cross-bred tomatoes you buy at the store that I do really love.)

I’m trying to start my garden while spending as little money as possible. Which means I need to find some plumber’s tape somewhere in the depths of my toolbox or I’m screwed! Meanwhile, my drippy faucet is going to water the plants I put in this container. I have a hard time with container gardening – it’s not conducive to automatic watering systems, so mine wilt and die as I’m terrible about being consistent. The bell peppers I planted in this pot last year only turned out two measly peppers for this very reason. But this year we’ll try something different.

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