De Anza Flea Market
May 11, 2008, 7:10 pm
Filed under: around town, shopping

The De Anza flea market happens the first Saturday of every month. Liza organized a bunch of ladies in our Meetup group to go to last weekend, and I’m so glad she did! I’d never have the discipline to battle the crowd by myself, but knowing I’d be meeting other gals made it easy. I was oh-so-good and didn’t buy anything but lemonade the whole time I was there…until the last ten minutes, that is. Then I suddenly had to have two different things! But between the two things, I only spent $12, so I’m still okay.

Gorgeous cloisonné style tin that has my two favorite colors and was screaming my name from ten feet away. I saw it and knew I was buying it, no matter how much he said it was going to cost.

This pendant surfaced from the bottom of a very tangled heap of jewelry. I dug around in all the boxes, just out of habit, but really didn’t find much I wanted to buy, at least at the prices being asked. Then this showed up. I was almost afraid to ask, “How much?,” as it seems if they know you really want it, they can up the price on you (I hate tables of unmarked things for this reason).

It opens up so you can put whatever you want in it…

…So I’m going to cycle through my favorite handmade papers. I love being able to change out the contents when I get bored, or to color-match an accessory. I’m also thinking butterfly wings would look amazing. I’m going to be on the lookout at the park all summer now!

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Ohhhh that pendant is superspiffy!

Comment by woodley park-zoo

i saw a round one on etsy yesterday – $30! mine was $2!

Comment by architheque

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