Priming The Seat
May 20, 2008, 12:33 pm
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I got started on those six chairs and suddenly felt overwhelmed (more surface area than I realized!). To better deal with it, I broke the tasks down into smaller sets. Sunday I sanded off the glossy on three chairs, and revved up my enthusiasm to prime them. I pulled out primers leftover from previous jobs, a brush, a few folding tables to get the chairs up to a comfortable working height, and a drop cloth.

I learned, very quickly, that I had no, no interest in painting these chairs with a brush. Especially priming them with a brush. Primer dries super fast, and I could not keep the brush marks and drips from hardening. Definitely not the professional surface treatment I was aiming for. I like these chairs, enough to want to live with them for a while, so I don’t want a shoddy paint job.

Coupled with the outrageous-for-May temperatures outside, I quickly lost motivation. Time to regroup and rethink.

My rethinking is running along the lines of getting my hands on an airless paint spray gun. But I also know you can’t put solvent-based primers in them. Which makes me wonder how these chairs would handle not being primed, but being painted straight up. Lots of variables and unknowns floating around. We’ll see!

(Meanwhile, that blue is only leftover tinted primer and not the intended color for the chairs – but it’s kind of a fun color, isn’t it!?)

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Lindsey – what color blue is that? I was thinking of painting my patio chairs that color!

Comment by callmethequeen

unfortunately, it’s not a ‘real’ color. i asked the guy at the hardware store to tint me some primer to go with a much darker blue paint i used for a different project, and this is what he handed back to me. i can paint you a swatch of it and you can get it color matched, though!

Comment by architheque

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