Roasted Root Vegetables
June 18, 2008, 7:30 am
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I’ve been posting a running tally of CSA vegetables received in my Flickr account. Thanks to the Green Bags I’ve been using, I don’t have to use them up right away – but as a result I was reaching a critical mass with the root vegetables. I needed a recipe that would use up mass quantities of everything, and clear out the fridge for the new batch of goods. I also got my first “I’ve never eaten that!” veggie: turnips. It was clear, despite the afternoon heat in my west facing kitchen, some kind of roasting was in order. So in the pan went all the root veggies I had, along with a generous helping of olive oil, sea salt, and several springs of fresh rosemary.

Featured are white turnips, Parisian carrots, new baby red potatoes, shallots, and scallions. The scallions were roasted separately due to their delicateness, and added at the end. I think my oven isn’t true temp – I cooked these at 450°F for an hour. In a properly working oven, I think 45 minutes would have been fine. Mine didn’t get golden brown, but they were tender and flavorful. The key is good oil and good salt, and enough of it. I hit the sweet spot on these, and as a result they are practically addictive.

For proof, since roasting day, I’ve found myself standing at the kitchen counter eating these cold out of the pan. I don’t do that with vegetables! If this is outside your usual sphere of daily veggie consumption, give it a try. Whatever you have in the fridge will do as long as you stick to roots, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your combo surprises you. I was – who knew you could roast scallions? And that turnips would taste so good?

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Hey, these look delicious! My mother used to make a yummy pickle of cauliflower, turnips and carrots when I was little, and I have loved turnips ever since (although the pickle is all I make with them usually :)) – I did try a similar root veggie roast in the winter, which became my introduction to rutabaga and parsnips in the same recipe! Of course me being me, the roasting was done with fresh grated ginger, lime juice, salt sugar and tandoori masala :)
and I’m not completely sure of the date – but birthday greetings are in order??

Comment by aa

oooh masala….i’ve been wondering if i could use that on potato wedges, like seasoned fries. guess we’ll have to find out!

and yes, i celebrated the bday over the past weekend. :) life’s been crazy lately.

Comment by architheque

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