Simplest Spinach Rolls In The Universe
October 27, 2008, 2:37 pm
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I was at an Easter potluck barbecue when I first tried these. A guy in attendance had brought a huge, huge bowl of them – so huge we thought he was out of his mind.  Then we ate one. And the bowl was promptly emptied.

Thankfully, he was willing to tell us what was in them.  And even more thankfully, it was so simple that I still remembered the recipe last weekend when I decided to make them for a pumpkin carving party at my house.

Simplest Spinach Rolls In The Universe

1 bag flour tortillas, medium/burrito sized
16 oz. cream or Neufchâtel cheese
large tub or bag of fresh washed baby spinach leaves
several fresh cloves raw garlic, minced or mashed

Lay one tortilla out on a large cutting board. Smear a healthy quantity of cream cheese (at least a tablespoon or two) on the tortilla, making sure to put some along the edge that will be “outside” when the tortilla is rolled. This will act like glue to keep it closed after you cut it into pinwheels.

Down the middle of the tortilla, (same place the filling for a sushi roll would go), put a small amount of raw garlic – two little minced pieces every inch or so.

Spread a large handful of baby spinach over the surface of the tortilla. Make sure to keep spinach volume consistent down the length of the roll, so ends are as full as the middle. Try it with more spinach than you think you need – you’ll be surprised.

Roll tightly, remembering to let outside edge glue itself with cream cheese. Slice into pinwheels with a serrated knife. You typically will discard the end pieces, as it’s hard to make those uniform.

Sample a roll so you can adjust garlic level to taste (there should be a slightly spicy aftertaste after the cream and spinach flavor dissipates).

Make more. Lots more.

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