Recycling Your Water Filters
December 5, 2008, 1:01 pm
Filed under: green


European Brita has been recycling water filters since 1992, but apparently the service has not been available in the United States. On one hand, “That sucks!” On the other, I’m kind of glad, because I would have felt stupid for every time I’ve put mine in the trash with a bummed out sigh if I was actually supposed to recycle the thing.

Good news as of January ’09, however!

I went to this morning to get a postage label for my Preserve toothbrush and what should I see but an announcement that Preserve is going to start accepting Brita Filters! Even better, you can drop your filter off at select Whole Foods and skip the shipping altogether. I have my fingers crossed that because I live in a wealthy part of tree-hugging California, my local Whole Foods will be one of the “select.”  Participating stores will also accept any #5 plastics. Check with your local recycling folks to see if that is a boon over your current program or not, though, as it makes no sense to divert your #5s if they’re already being properly recycled.

Now, shall we start a petition to get them to accept PUR filters too?

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