The Hunt
January 15, 2009, 12:00 pm
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I’m somewhat obsessed with this fabric. The print is small enough that when you step back from it, it reads as a neutral, and in upholstery weight, it’s just really really great. I’d love to do the two barrel backed 60s club chairs I got off Craigslist in it. If only I could find it. Because considering where I took this picture, I don’t have high hopes for ever locating it again.


Yep, that’s a rental car. A Mazda 3. First time I’ve ever fallen in love with car upholstery. Should I be embarrassed?  More to the point, where should I start looking for the stuff?

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It’s not quite the same, but Joelle Hoverson’s Cake Rock Beach might be close enough. I linked it above – the swatch is in the bottom right corner of the page. It’s not upholstery weight, but maybe it could be backed in something? It also comes in a reddish color under the name “stone waves.”

Comment by Julia

really cool! I’d also be obsessed with it!

Comment by hajrarara

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