Seltzer Senorita
February 19, 2009, 5:18 pm
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I have long wanted a working seltzer bottle. I had to order three off eBay before I realized the vintage ones didn’t actually function. Oh, I love those wire wrapped Art Deco beauties! Oh, how they are pointless paperweights! Why did no one tell me it’s impossible to get the caps off them and refill them with water? That age has fused them into metallic and glass lumps?

As I could not bring myself to purchase a gaudy looking iSi, I looked high and low for reproductions that worked like a modern charm but held the retro glamour of the oldies. No such luck when it comes to wire-wrapped. But recently Domino did show me this:


Mr. Fizz Senior. A lifetime warranty wrapped up in a classically shaped stainless steel siphon. Not exactly modern, as it was designed in 1975, but it lasts. Lifetime warranty. You got that part, right? Going at every online location I can find for a hundred and fifty precious dollars. Should I ever qualify for a house-warming or wedding present, remember me Mr. Fizz.

Green tie-in: You may have stopped buying ridiculously cheap bottled water from Trader Joe’s in exchange for religiously using your Brita or Pur, but you’re still buying sodas and sparkling waters, aren’t you? Come on, you know you are. Stop making Perrier ship bottles across the country for you, and stop putting money in Coca Cola’s pocket. Make seltzer water at home. And trade your sodas for seltzer and unsweetened juice mixers. Your wallet, local recycling authority, waistline, and nervous system will thank you.

P.S. – If you must buy premade beverages, buy glass bottles instead of plastic. Pleeeeease.

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It looks like you haven’t posted in a while but I have the same Sparklets mesh bottle and I use it currently. I even bought another one because I love them so much. You can get them working. If you don’t want it anymore I’ll buy it! :)

Comment by Glenn

Glenn: that’s awesome that you managed to get your bottles working. I was prepared to resell this on eBay, but unfortunately someone (with good intentions) tried to open it for me and literally tore the metal head apart. I still feel traumatized about it.

Comment by architheque

Glenn, kudos on getting your Sparklets Siphon to work again! We specialize in restorations of Sparklets bottles to full working condition. For more than a beautiful paper weight, visit us at in Die Siphon Manufaktur

Comment by Jonas

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