Berber Whisky
June 2, 2013, 1:40 pm
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Occasions you might drink complimentary Berber Whisky:

  • Visiting any local family (know your saha from your besaha)
  • Each and every time you check in to a new riad or kasbah
  • If there’s a whiff a business transaction might occur

Why you might drink complimentary Berber Whisky:

  • To be a gracious guest
  • It might be accompanied by delicious coconut cookies
  • Half the sand between Ouarzazote and Rissani is in your mouth
  • The optimist in you is holding out that maybe this time you will be able to finish the glass

How to make authentic Berber Whisky:

Put twice the amount of inexpensive Chinese green tea (of any variety) than you need per person in a heavy cast metal teapot with no thermal breaks between pot and handle.  Top off the rest of the pot cavity with washed, loosely packed fresh mint leaves.  Fill teapot with boiling water. Steep way overlong for green tea, to insure end result will be eye-crossingly bitter. Reach for the teapot handle and acquire a second-degree burn. Grope around the tea set until you find the I-really-can’t-take-that-back-to-the-US handle cover and put it on the handle.  Again reach for the teapot, fill one tea glass with tea. Return that tea to the tea pot. Put a cube or three of sugar in the bottom of each tea glass. Pour tea slowly into each glass, starting from close to the glass and then pulling the tea pot up and up and up such that the tea froths in the glass. Froth = easier to pick out flies or dirt with the tip of your finger.

Assuring your host that this cheek-puckering, tongue-curling bitter brew is perfect, drink tea as slowly as possible, with the hope it will be time to leave before you reach the bottom of the glass.

*Everyone in Morocco is gracious and hospitable and you will drink the tea and like it.

**Photo taken at Kasbah Ennakhile in Nkob, where they were very nice to us and the jack-of-all-trades waiter/bellhop/busboy/unlocker-of-doors was very handsome.

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