Growing a SCOBY from Store-Bought Kombucha
January 24, 2014, 4:39 pm
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Here we have the first week result from attempting to grow a SCOBY from GT’s Classic unflavored commercial kombucha. The word classic on the label reputedly means that the bottle contains the pre-reformulation recipe and can therefore grow a healthy mother. From what I’ve seen online, most blogs note that it will take weeks to grow a SCOBY from scratch and that it will be much weaker than one you can get from a friend or online. This one seems to growing pretty fast to me, especially considering it’s winter and I’ve got lousy insulation. I plan to also get a SCOBY via trade on Craigslist. We’ll do some side by side testings for taste, pH, and whatever else I can think of.

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How did it turn out? Do you have any babies you’d be willing to sell? I’m making a trip to CA to get some GT’s Classic in a month, but I never know if the bottles will survive the trip back, and I’m not going to use the Enlightened for my SCOBY.

Comment by Lisette

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